New Health Care Software Release

This video shows the inauguration of software that enables patients to monitor their progress. This tracker device is being used by many Hospital patients with spinal cord operations to gauge the surgery’s effectiveness.

Applying technological advancement can improve treatment outcome and will be soon become widely available to enhance the well-being of many precious individuals.

PokerTracker Review

What does PokerTracker Do?

The PokerTracker software has six main functions.

1. Tracking online poker play. PokerTracker tracks online poker play, keeping complete records of every hand or tournament user plays online. These statistics can be filtered in tons of different ways. For example the results can broken down by table position, stake, starting hand and literally hundreds of other permutations.

2. Real time statistics on your opponents while you play. A heads up display (HUD) is included in the software package. A HUD provides a popup of statistics during online play and is a critical tool for effective multitabling. The HUD is extremely customizable: users can change the layout and which stats appear. In addition, the colors of the text can be changed or even programmed to change color at certain thresholds for a particular statistic.

3. Analysis of poker play. PokerTracker includes the capability to analyze many different facets of a poker player’s strategy and help identify leaks and identify areas for improvement.

4. Game selection. There is a table selection tool called TableTracker that is useful for finding the softest, fishiest tables.This service is a paid subscription service, with pricing based on stakes. Twenty-five searches are included for free.

5. Replaying poker hands. Poker tracker replays hands in a visual poker hand replayer to facilitate visual understand of a hand. This feature is also useful for sharing hands with other players via TeamViewer.

6. Graphing winnings or losses. PokerTracker generates highly customizable graphs of cash game or tournament results.

How much does PokerTracker cost?

PokerTracker costs $44.99 for the microstakes hold’em version. The microstakes edition will not track play from stakes higher than 25nl.
The full version of the hold’em edition costs $89.99 and will work for all stakes.

An upgrade from the microstakes version to the full version is available for $44.99, so there is no need to worry about which version to choose. The full version is only worthwhile to those who play higher than 25nl.

There are also options for omaha poker and combo packages. Visit PokerTracker to view these or buy one of the hold’em editions.

What else should I know about PokerTracker?

The PokerTracker website has active forums where you can read guides to configuring and setting up Pokertracker, receive technical support and learn how to use some of the advanced features. Be aware that when a poker site updates software it may take a few days for PokerTracker to smooth out any resulting bugs from the new update. In addition, there is an official 2p2 thread for discussion and suggestions.